Tuesday, 10 December 2013

2nd GFTEAM UK Open 2014


Male and Female classes

Gi Belt divisions: White, Blue, Purple and Brown/Black

No-Gi divisions: Beginners (0-1 years), Intermediate (1-3 years), advanced (3-6 years) and elite (over 6 years).

Weight Classes for both Gi and No-Gi (weight in without gi with 200g tolerance):


-65kg / -75kg / -85kg / -95kg / +95kg / Absolute lightweight -80kg / Absolute heavyweight +80kg


-55kg -65kg -70kg and Open Class


Mixed -8years

Boys & Girls -12years

Boys & Girls Cadets (13-16years old)

Time for all of the fights: 6 min

Rules: under IBJJF

Repechage System

Weigh-in for everyone: 9-10am

Rules Meeting: 10am (all competitors must attend)

Competition starts at 10am - Order of the fights: From the lower to higher belts, and lower to higher weights.

Medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and certificates of participation to all the competitors.


Pre-booking ONLY!

£15 for each division and £25 for both (Gi and No Gi)

Registration ends 17th of January (Friday) - no registration possible on the event day.

Sign up on this link: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/9106131685/eorg


Booking on event days ONLY!

£10 absolute - no pre-booking is possible for the absolute classes. To be paid on the day.

NOTE: To sign up for the absolute classes, you MUST also pre-book for the weight-classes.

Cash Prize of All entry fees collected from your absolute division being awarded to the winner of the absolute

Organizer: GFTeam London (Gabriel Rainho and Pedro Garcia)

For further information, please email to gabrielrainho@yahoo.com.br or  gfteamlondon@gmail.com

Ernest Bevin College
Beechcroft Road
SW17 7DF

Monday, 18 November 2013

GFTEAM London 2nd Grading and Master Julio Cesar Seminar 2013

GFTEAM London 2nd Grading and Master Julio Cesar Seminar 2013
Congratulations to all who attended our 2013 grading especially to those from other academies who came to help us with the graduates.OSS!!!!!

Promotions were as follows:
Pedro Garcia - Brown
Marc Stock -blue
Stefanos Siouzos - blue
Annie Kohne -blue
Simon Addison -blue
Nathan Jones - Blue
Chase ET Morton - Blue
Khalid Abdullah - Blue
Ronald Laurinavicius - Orange
Tom Gibbs - Yellow
Sean O'Flynn - Stripe
Benny - Stripe
Luca Basu - grey
Tia Basu - Grey
Morgan - Grey
Tyler - Grey

The event started with a seminar by Master Julio Cesar where he showed us some great techniques and great details in this ever evolving sport we call Jiu Jitsu!

After the seminar the Grading ceremony  began with a sparring session and culminated in the belt presentations followed by the ceremonial whipping of the graduates!

 Once again Thank you for all who came! It was great and a fun happy day!!!!!

more pics can be found at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1453810254845929&type=1
on our facebook page.

event was supported by BATTLE GEAR Kimonos - www.battlegearbjj.com


Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Thank you to everyone who came to our 1st open Mat at Earlsfield BJJ!!!
Join us at out next open mat if you couldn't make this one.
Details will be posted on https://www.facebook.com/groups/earlsfieldbjj/

so stay tuned!!!!

Thursday, 3 October 2013


We are holding our 1st open mat at Earlsfield Location on the 13th Oct 2013 Sunday 12pm to 1.30pm.
Full details can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/198046367041062/
COME JOIN US!!! Bring friends, roll chat.. whatever! Its all about fun and open to everyone and anyone regardless of belt rank, team affiliation, male, female... whatever.. its all about BJJ!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

YOUTUBE channel

Come watch and subscribe to our youtube channel!


Friday, 20 September 2013

1st Day at the new location!

And we are on our way!!!!
The new location is fantastic and we have a great 1st day!

Thank you for everyone who came to support!

GFTEAM Never stops!!!!

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Join now!

Join us on facebook at

The latest news, extra classes, competitions and events... also night outs and get togethers!!!



We are now located in Earlsfield London which is only a couple of minutes walk away from Earlsfield overground station.
Earlsfield is 2 stops from Waterloo and 1 stop away from Clapham Junction!

for directions and class details please go to http://gfteamlondon.blogspot.co.uk/p/contact-us.html

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Please BEAR with us for the moment!!!!

PLEASE BEAR WITH US!!! (see what we did there?)
We are moving location at the moment and new info on our new training grounds, timetable and such will be updated very soon.
This website is also being updated and changed and will be in full working order very soon.

Friday, 2 August 2013


New 10cm long embroidered patches are now available on our online shop.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Head Coach Gabriel Rainho Seminar July 2013

Gi & No Gi Seminars focusing on Takedowns (attacks and defences) and general competition situations. (rules, strategies, game plan, common mistakes that should be avoided in a competition)

No-Gi Seminar on the 26th of July, in the evening from 6:30 to 9:30.
Price is £20

Gi Seminar will take place on the July, 27 at 2-5pm.
Price is £20.

to attend both seminars total cost is only £35

Seminar will be held at
GFteam London HQ
Combat Company
Global House, Station Building Left
Kew Road
Richmond, Surrey

to book please email gabrielrainho@yahoo.com.br or gfteamlondon@gmail.com

event is supported by Battle Gear

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

1st 2013 heavy weight British Army Champion from GFTEAM UK

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome, the 2013 heavy weight British Army Champion MARC STOCK!
Marc dominated his category and won all matches by submissions.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Rodolfo Vieira London Seminar August 2013

Rodolfo Vieira GJJ Gi Seminar

11th August 2013 at GFTeam London based at GFTEAM London HQ, Combat Company Academy in Richmond, at 2-5pm.

For prices, more details and to book your space please email  gabrielrainho@yahoo.com.br / gfteamlondon@gmail.com

Very Limited spaces for Rodolfo's Seminar so please hurry and book to avoid dissapointment.

Expiry date for booking: August, 9th 2013

event is supported by Battle Gear BJJ - http://www.battlegearbjj.com

Interview With Head Coach and Founder of GFTEAM Julio Cesar

picture courtesy of BJJPIX


- Julio, you’ve spent one month teaching BJJ in Europe last year. How do you feel when you see how the sports you’ve loved and practiced for over 30years has become so popular in Europe?

JC: When holding BJJ seminars, rather than seeing myself as a teacher, I believe that I share information and knowledge with the students. I never would have imagined that one day, BJJ would be so widespread in many places all over Europe, all over the world in fact. Until a few years ago, me and my students only ever travelled within the state of Rio to join competitions or hold seminars. Now, I have this to get to know many countries, developing my passion and meeting many interesting people. It’s a great feeling.

- GF Team has been growing in Europe over the past year, with new affiliates in England, in Germany and the most recently one in France. How does it feel to see the team you’ve founded growing so successfully, and how do you see GF Team developing in the next few years?

JC: I certainly have to thank all the professors, who have believed in our project and are doing an incredibly successful job. Our brand Team has been growing because everybody has the same vision, and because the professors put a lot of work and dedication into developing BJJ and the GF Team brand. As such, I believe our team is going to become stronger and stronger.

- 25 GF Team students from various countries competed at last year’s IBJJF London Open; it’s the first time GF Team has seen this many team members compete in Europe. How does this make you feel?

JC: It was fantastic to see so many GF Team members competing! I was very pleased to see that not only the athletes gave everything in the competition, but also to see the support from the team mates who came to Crystal Palace to watch and cheer. It’s this support that makes for a great team! Despite BJJ being an individual sport, I believe that not only the athletes play an important role in the competition, but everyone involved, be it the referee or the audience cheering for their team mates.

- Thinking back to when you first founded GF Team, had you ever imagined that one day, some of the biggest BJJ icons and world champions would evolve from this team?

JC: Absolutely not. And sometimes I still cannot believe it! We started very small and the main goal in our work has always been to provide education. The development of a champion is a consequence of this work, and I am very proud.

- A range of GF Team black belts have been holding the titles as champions in various competitions and championships worldwide. Moreover, there’s a new generation of young GFathletes who are ready and able to keep this legacy. What’s the secret to GF Team’s success, what makes these young athletes so strong and successful?

JC: Well mainly, I’d say that the professors, athletes, and everyone in the team are keeping a strong focus on the same vision, the same goal. There’s a very strong group dynamic; the achievement of each individual is regarded as an achievement for the team. I think this is a very important factor, the sense of togetherness and support makes us strong.
And then, of course, we have many athletes in the team who dedicate their life to this sort, like Rodolfo Vieira. He is the first to be on the mat, and the last to leave. I am sure we will see more Rodolfos at GF Team in the future!

- At the Copacabana, the most famous beach in the world, a big sand statue of Rodolfo Vieira has recently been built. You and all GF Team members must be very proud; what effect do you think this could have for GF Team?

JC: Of course we are all very proud to see Rodolfo, and as such GF Team, represented on Copacabana beach. In my opinion, amongst the range of GF Team blackbelts who have all had incredible achievements and successes, Rodolfo managed to make a difference, in that GF Team is now very well known internationally. The respect GF Team has gained is giving a variety of other athletes the opportunity to shine and grow in BJJ now.
The new generation of GF Team athletes mirror themselves in Rodolfo, and he’s an idol and inspiration to young children and teenagers.

- You’ve been training BJJ over 30years and have seen many great successes, but surely also some losses along the way. What’s your biggest advice for those who wish to be successful as BJJ athletes?

JC: Most importantly, you should believe in yourself and always stay determined. There will be times in any athlete’s life when they’re tired and worn out, or when they face losses. Taking any sports seriously, there are many sacrifices one needs to take; you cannot always go out with your friends, go to the beach when everyone else does, or spend as much time with your family as you’d love to.
But as long as you have a strong passion for BJJ, stay determined, focussed and train hard with your team mates, the achievements and successes will be incredibly gratifying.

- Thank you very much for your time and the great chat, Julio!

JC: Thank you very much, and a big Thank You to everyone who helped organise our GF Team European Tour! Hope to see you all soon again! 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

GFTEAM BJJ Interclub July 2013

GFTEAM BJJ interclub July 2013

Gi and No Gi divisions

Date: Sunday, 28th of July 2013

Gi Belt divisions: White, Blue and Purple

No-Gi divisions: 0-1 years experience, 1-3 years and 3+

Weight Classes for Both (Gi and No-Gi): -65kg / -75kg / -85kg / -95kg / +95kg / Absolute lightweight -80kg / Absolute heavyweight +80kg (Weight in without gi)

Limit of 8 people in each category

Time for all of the fights: 5 min

Rules: under IBJJF

Repechage System

Registration ends 25th of July (Thursday)

Weight in for everyone: 9-10am on the 28th July 2013

Rules Meeting: 10am (all competitors must attend) 

Competition starts at 10am - Order of the fights: From the lower to higher belts, and lower to higher weights.

£10 for each and £20 (Both Gi and No Gi) /
£5 extra for the absolute (Cash Prize of All entry fees collected from your absolute division being awarded to the winner of the absolute )

£5 for spectators.

Organizers: GFTeam / Combat Company
Venue: Combat Company
Richmond Station Left
Kew Road

to register please email gfteamlondon@gmail.com or info@combatcompany.co.uk

Event is supported by BATTLE GEAR - BJJ Kimonos and technical apparel

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

GFTEAM Competitors Seminar!

This seminar is aimed at Competitors and getting competition ready.

As one of the Biggest UK BJJ Competition will take place in Birmingham on the 18th and 19th of May and we'd like to invite you to attend this training camp.

 The Training Camp will run at GFTeam London HQ based at Combat Company in Richmond and will be taken by Head Coach Gabriel Rainho and GFT Black Belt coming directly from HQ in Rio, Joao Alfredo.

Dates: 13th to 17th of May (Monday to Friday).

Morning Sessions (10:30-12:30)
Evening Sessions (19:30-21:30).

 Costs: only £50 for all week or £15 single class.

Combat Company
Richmond Station Left
Kew Road

To book via pay pal please email to gabrielrainho@yahoo.com.br / gfteamlondon@gmail.com

 All teams and levels are welcome!
event is supported by Battle Gear BJJ. http://www.battlegearbjj.com

Monday, 11 March 2013

Ricardo Evangelista London Seminar 2013

NO GI SEMINAR: June, 14th Friday at 6:30-9:30 pm

. GI SEMINAR: June, 15th Saturday at 10-1pm

- Morning sessions
(10:30-12am): 10/06 (Mon),
11/06 (Tue),
12/06 (Tue),
13/06 (Wed) and 14/06 (Fri)
- Evening session
(830-10pm): 13/06 (Wed)

GF Team members:
Pay via cash or paypal by 31/05/2013:
Seminar only: £30 (one seminar) £50 (two seminars)
Boot Camp only: £80
Boot Camp and Seminar: £100

Pay after 01/06/2013 or during the camp:
Seminar only: £35 (one seminar) £55 (two seminars)
Boot Camp only: £90
Boot Camp and Seminar: £110

Pay via cash or paypal by 31/05/2013:
Seminar only: £35 (one seminar) £55 (two seminars)
Boot Camp only: £90
Boot Camp and Seminar: £110

Pay after 01/06/2013 or during the camp:
Seminar only: £40 (one seminar) £60 (two seminars)
Boot Camp only: £100
Boot Camp and Seminar: £120

Pay as you go (single class): £25

Ricardo Evangelista BJJ Heroes Profile: http://www.bjjheroes.com/bjj-fighters/ricardo-evangelista

to book or pay via pay pal please email gabrielrainho@yahoo.com.br or gfteamlondon@gmail.com

Seminar is supported by BATTLE GEAR

twitter: BATTLEBJJ

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


TAKEDOWNS & LASSO GUARD SEMINAR with Head Instructor Gabriel Rainho.

30th of march, Saturday at 2-5pm at GFTEAM London HQ. 

Seminar focus will be on takedowns for bjj and leg lasso guard

£20 for membersand £25 non members

Limited spaces!

to book your spot please email gfteamlondon@gmail.com 


A number of GFTEAM members have competed and won their free access all paid passes to ABU DHABI to compete in the Abu Dhabi World Professional Championship 2013.

Among the team heading up to compete is our GFTEAM London's very own Stefanos Siouzos. Congratulations!!!
He will hanging with the likes of Vinicius Marinho, Rodolfo Viera, Ricardo Evangilsta......

Friday, 1 February 2013

Vinicius Marinho wins Silver at the Euros 2013!

Vinicius 'Esquisito' Marinho from GFTEAM RIO came to London to hold a seminar and competition boot camp.
Vinicius and fellow GFTEAM team mate Jake Mackenzie also held their own training camp in London and Germany.

After a successful training camp, Vinicius went to compete at the Lisbon IBJJF European Championships 2013 and won Silver at the Euros 2013. He submitted all his opponents on the way to the finals and only lost in the final in a very very close match to 4 time champion Micheal Langhi.

Congratulations Vinicius! You are a true warrior!
Vinicius is sponsored by Battle Gear - http://www.battlegearbjj.com